May 23, 2011

second season{soccer star}

 this kid.
we are so proud of his growth.
his determination and interest in succeeding in everything he does.
if you were to ask what inspires me.
it would be this kid.
he's making it in this big scary world.
 he had an amazing second season at soccer.
not always on the front line.
but sticks with the ball
grasps the consept of the game
and enjoys it!
 he's not sure if he wants to play again in the fall
or if he wants to try baseball like his big brother.
either way, the sheer fact that he wants to play a sport
brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes.
 for just a few years ago,
this sweet little boy would have wanted nothing to do
with being in a group of people.
the chaos.
the noise.
the amount of people on the field
(there were 27 teams of 6-year-olds, 7 to a team, and their families each saturday)
 the fact that he did a second season
and enjoyed it....
shows amazing growth in this sweet little bear.
he did amazing.
we couldn't be more proud of him.
he is our middle boy.
our shining star.
our little bear.


  1. HI there!
    Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes!!
    Cute soccer pictures. :)

  2. Great job, Nolan! I am happy that you are doing something you like AND that you are good at it! Keep it up