May 31, 2011


may is over.
can you believe it?
 the boys have just a few weeks of school left
and then it's summertime!
 we anticipate some seriously beautiful weather
in our near future.
{did you hear that mother nature...
in our near future!}
with the threat of frost far behind us
we planted this weekend.
boy did we plant.
 in between bouts of downpours!
 and even though it was nowhere near warm this weekend
we ran through the sprinklers anyways.
because that's just what you do!
 it was a quiet weekend
we snuggled.
we planted.
hubby and i snuck away for 2 hours after the boys went to bed
our sweet neighbor came over and sat with them. {bless her}

may seems to have come and gone.
what a whirlwind month.
june promises slower paces
longer days
warmer weather
and plenty of smiles.

hope you had a wonderful may!

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