June 15, 2011


but only for a second.
i have closing ceremonies for baseball tonight.
then hopefully i can breath for a while.

so...real quick....

we enjoyed ours first one of these nights of the season.
it has been cloudy and rainy.
still pretty windy so no fire pit
but it felt so amazing!
 this is hubby's favorite thing to do on a friday night.
he gets home from work.
changes is clothes.
grabs a beer.
and mows the law.
isn't he adorable!
  peanut had a cowboy dress-up day
towards the last day of school.
he is absolutely A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.
when he dresses up like a cowboy.
monkey can't resist a good dress-up day.
he walks around saying,
super sweet.
we had our first water fight
with the neighbors and some friends they had over.
it was a blast.
 i got to have a girl over.
she was so much fun.
we painted our toenails all different colors.
watched princess movies
and played candy land.
she is super sweet
{thanks aaron and whit for letting me steal her that night!}
this one is still adorable
and turning 2 on friday.
{holy crap, no more babies}
little bear's last day of kindergarden was awesome
they had a play day.
the weather was wonderful.
and he had such a wonderful time.
we are so proud of him for making it through
this amazing first year in grade school!
first grade...
 peanut had his last day today.
we walked away from the school and he says,
"well, i'm officially a third grader now.
i'll be going to school
in the other hallway."
{apparently a huge deal}
monkey's birthday is this weekend
can you believe he's going to be 2 years old?
i can't believe how fast time has flown.

okay, that's all i got.
hopefully now that school and baseball is over
i'll have more time, and more interesting events
to post.
but for now.
this will have to do.

welcome to june
the first day of summer break!

{p.s. i updated my 365...yeah me!}

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