June 20, 2011


 we celebrated jack turning 2 with a little swim/rainbow party on saturday.
the weather was less than beautiful,
but that didn't stop the kids from swimming.

jack got a bunch of outdoor summertime water toys
a new pool
the works.

here's my decorations, paint samples from home depot.
jack loves semi-trucks
so this is what we came up with.
after putting it all together
we decided maybe we should have splurged for a new semi truck.
oh well, he loved it!
 is this not the most adorable balloon of 2 monkeys climbing a tree?
grandma and grandpa allen brought it over for jack.
 jack has no problem being the center of attention.
 he was a little nervous about blowing out his candles...
 sat perched on the counter the whole time.
i love it when their bodies are that tiny.
 he loved his presents.
a kitchen set.
swim/water stuff.
more books.
 trying to tell us he's 2.
 he hugged everyone that came.
was just as sweet as could be.
turned out to be a successful birthday
with family...priceless!

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