June 29, 2011

lets talk about husbands....

we recently celebrated 9 years of marriage!
hubby was on a business trip in portland.
while i shuttled kids to and from little bear's therapy appointments.

life for us is crazy busy.
hubby's working like a mad man.
i'm working like crazy to see how much i can make,
we're raising our kids.
absorbing all we can in little bear's therapy sessions
and we have a 2 year old who thinks he runs the place
and we're just his giants, here to please.

we don't date.
by the time we get the kids to bed
we sink into our couch and 9 times out of 10
i fall asleep.

we're tired.
we're distant.
we miss eachother.

now comes the surprise...
hubby got home from portland late friday night, around 11ish.
i was outside visiting with some of our fav neighbors
when he came over and said
"honey, we need to get to bed. we have to be up early tomorrow."
i listened, we went to bed. who am i to argue with sleep???
saturday morning, 6:30 a.m. - "Honey, wake up. we have to get the kids packed and out to my parents asap, we have an 8:45 boat to catch."
{squealing like a little girl}

{if you're ever in the Grants Pass area, these are a must!}
i have been d.y.i.n.g. to go on these.
they have breakfast trips, dinner trips, scenic trips, and white water trips.

hubby signed us up for the champagne brunch trip.
4 blissful hours of scenic boat trip down the rogue river.
our driver was excellent, pointed out all the wildlife.
we stopped at the OK Corral for breakfast.
then the ride back the driver gets crazy
spins the boat, jumps over waves made by the other boat traveling with us.
you get wet.
you laugh.
some squeal.
it was awesome!
when we got done
hubby took me home to change
packed a cooler full of our favorite river drinks and snacks
and off we went to find our own little piece of heaven on the rogue river.
we sat for a few hours just talking and laughing.
he took me to dinner at the Galice Resort. {my absolute fav!}
it's one of those places everyone stops at when they get off the river.
all outdoor seating.
live band.
everyone is in their swim suits and flip flops.
and the bacon cheeseburgers are to.die.for.
it was just the break
this adorable couple needed.

and if that wasn't enough....

we packed an overnight bag and hubby took me here.
the beautiful bed and breakfast we went to
on our wedding night
9 crazy years ago.
the couple that run this place, Marla and John, are amazing.
they remembered us! {crazy}
we got caught up on the last 9 years.
oohhs and aahhs over our 3 boys.
it was wonderful.
then they showed us to our room.
we got the vintage suite with our own private patio.
the details in this place are stunning.
the toilet paper was made
into a little rose!
we sipped champagne
walked around the garden and found a hammock
where we snuggled and laughed until dark.
and i did something i haven't done in years....
i took a bath.
with bath salts.
and a cute rubber ducky.
funny side story about our bathroom...
the owner, John, was showing us around and this giant window overlooks the gardens.
he says it's a one-way window, but if that still made us uncomfortable
we could close the blinds {which i did}
however...as it got dark outside and we were walking around,
we noticed something...

the "one-way window" had actually been put in backwards.
this is the view from the inside of the bathroom looking out.
see, you can see me, just like a mirror.
this is the view from the outside in the gardens.
see, you can see right in the damn thing!
we laughed so hard we cried.
then we thought of how many people left those blinds open when they took baths.
then we laughed again till it hurt.

and we're still laughing about it.


how is that for the most amazing husband in the world!?!?
it was just what the doctor ordered.
i got my married smile back,
which is much different than a mommy smile.

i heart this man
and our special day together.

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  1. and... bawling! You two are so great! Kudos to Sy for the awesome weekend surprise!