June 17, 2011

jack's year in review

this is me and my bff, erica.
i think i started slow labor that night
and it lasted another 4 days.
i don't have any belly pictures of my other 2 boys
so this one is really special.
erica and i went through our whole pregancies together
her first.
my third.
our babies are almost 5 weeks apart.
i l.o.v.e. this pic of her holding my baby.
deep breaths as she gets ready for her little guy to come.
i tear up every time i see it!
{thank you bff, for going through the motions with me.
there truly is nothing better than having a friend to join you
on the pregnancy roller coaster
our husbands drove us crazy...we drove them crazy.
all in all, best 9 months!}

he was heaven from the very first moment i held him.
his brothers welcomed him with open arms
and lots of love.

here is our jack henry in 2010

 happy birthday
jackson henry james
you made this family of 5 complete.


  1. These two years have gone by too quickly! I am so happy to see Jackson so smiley and adorable. Like I could expect anything else from you two, right? We wish we could be there to celebrate your birthday, Jackson! Maybe next year?

  2. P.S. It is us that really benefitted from having such a great role model to go through pregnancy with. You helped me remain calm and we laughed... a lot. I loved holding Jackson just weeks before Alden was born... that made it more real. I grew more and more relaxed knowing that if you could do it three times, then I could do it, too!