June 23, 2011


 not a cloud in the sky...
reading a good book
{with actual pages to turn}
 corn getting bigger...
 tomatoes growing for salsa...
 fresh lettuce for salads
any time we want...
 a garden finally starting to bloom...
saying "thanks for all the hard work"
 keeping birthday decorations up
because that was just the first of many get togethers.
 temperatures getting close to triple digits.
 giant patio umbrellas that will soon be covered in little
white christmas lights
setting the scene for late night entertaining.
 sprinklers and otter pops
{yum, remember those!}

 grilling every meal you can 
just to stay out of the kitchen
 using fresh ingredients
for simple, yet delicious meals.

summer is about company.
getting together with friends, neighbors, family.
enjoying the sunshine,
longer days,
warm nights,
the smell of sunscreen on babies
{i wish they could make that into a candle}
and slower paces.
summer is my time to breath.

if you're ever in the neighborhood...
feel free to stop on by!

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