May 03, 2011


you know something is wrong when your loudest child
is extremely quiet.
i mean like the kind of quiet that makes you question
if you forgot to pick him up from school.
{you know what i'm talking about}
 he says, "i wanted to be black today."
 with absolutely no clothes on
he colored himself.
 we try to never fully question little bear
for his mind is far more complex than ours.
 we don't know where he got the idea to be black
but we love his passion that he fully thought a black marker
would do the trick.
 the best part is after he was done
he gets his jammies on
grabs his blankets
and head to our room for their "nighttime cartoon"
all the while acting as if nothing was different.
 he was so happy.
truly content with his creation.
and as we looked at him with our "wtf" faces
he simply looked at us with his
"what's wrong with you guys" face.
{like we were the weird ones.}
 it's all over his back and back of his neck
you would have thought he had some help doing this
but this was a one-man-show.
9 months ago i would have walked in to see this and freaked out
i would have thrown him into the shower
scrubbed his skin until it was raw trying to get all the marker over it
and packed up markers like a mad woman.

however, thanks to all we have learned about our sweet little bear
 in the last 9 months
hubby and i simply laughed hysterically
took this as a perfect photo op
and then left him alone.
i have to take him to therapy this morning (marker and all)
and with a straight face am going to try to look miss lynn straight in the eye and say,
"seems like something here isn't quite working."
because humor is how this family rolls



  1. OMG BUT THIS WAS FUNNY! You do have your work cut out for you, however, I think you are on to something...laughter is the BEST medicine. And, really, who is it hurting? I wish I had these tools when you kids were young. We stress too much as parents. Good parenting kids!! MOM

  2. I love it! I can totally relate because I have Easton and can totally see Easton doing this someday. You are right, once you understand how their mind works it is a lot easier to cope with the crazy things they do from day to day. And can finding the humour in it is your reward.

  3. I love it.....totally would be proud peed just a little laughing!!!

  4. At least it wasn't poo, right? :0 HAHAHAHAH. We adore Nolan and are so proud of you and Sy for laughing it off. Kids are a funny hobby... one we can't take too seriously.

  5. I LOVE it!!!!! I have all at my house when this happened it was with was AWESOME!!!

    I so appreciated the words that you left me...exactly what I needed to hear. Baby girl is only five weeks old and some things have gotten much easier, and some have gotten harder. I can't wait to see her really interact with the older kiddos, to get in the mix, so see her personality. To get to have a third is nothing but a blessing, the cherry on the top. She is already teaching me so much in just five weeks of her being here. Thanks for your note, it was just what I needed to hear today...

  6. I didn't know it was possible but I think I love him just a little bit more!