March 18, 2011

the {3} d's

cause {someone} to lose confidence or enthusiasm

use up the supply of; exhaust the abundance of

having been beaten in a battle

 i know that blogs are supposed to be uplifting
but they are also a place to be honest and truthful.
life isn't always rainbows and sunshine 
and honestly, isn't it nice to know that you aren't the only one with bad days?
some of the blogs that i read religiously have been writting along the same lines this week. seems like all of us out there are feeling the 3 d's in one way or another.
monkey has been sick all week.
i mean, "newborn getting up every 2 hours" sick (for a w.e.e.k.)
he's clingy...
he's whiny...
and can't quite use his words yet so it's a lot of yelling.
and frustration when i don't get it quite right.
all he wants to do is rock in his rocking chair at night
and watch bubble guppies

 in trying to keep with a positive attitude
i keep reminding myself that this is my baby
my last child
and soon he's not going to want to snuggle with me anymore
so i'm trying to embrace these sleepless nights.
however, the rest of my world isn't stopping during the day for me to get any rest.
the older 2 boys still have school
peanut started baseball practice this week
and as if the kids didn't miss enough school with holiday's and "in service days"
spring break started (quiet screams in my head!)
 to top it all's been raining pouring all week long.
no sunshine in site.
i'm tired.
i'm depleated of all my energy and enthusiasm.
poor hubby is getting none of my attention, because once the kids go to bed
i have been falling asleep on the couch in anticipation of monkey getting up shortly thereafter.
my kids have been feasting on fruit snacks and trail mix, because it's all monkey will eat
so the other 2 boys feel they get the same privilages (does that make me a bad mom?)
i want deserve a much needed break from my family and my chores
(does that make me a bad mom?)
i l.o.v.e. my house, but is it possible for a house to suffocate you?
we don't have any plans for spring break
and i could really use a change of scenary.
i'm starting to feel like all my garden starts in the laundry room
every one of them reaching for a piece of sunshine.
a glimps of better things to come.
and as they will soon be put outside into that ever deserving sunshine,
where they will thrive with abundant life...
i too know my sunshine is on its way.
maybe not this week (outlook next week not so good.)
my "sunshine" will come
and when it does...
i will thrive with life once more.
and it will feel great!

on a lighter note, while peanut was at baseball practice last night, it stopped raining for the whole hour (thank you mother nature) and monkey got to play on a playground for the first time in his whole little life.  it was seriously better than disneyland.  made me excited in anticipation for spring and summer.  once that sunshine graces us with its presence, we will be at the park non-stop.
and we will love every moment of it.

hubby always says
"how can you know something is good, if you don't feel the bad first?"

damn it...he's right again.

good and bad
enjoy every moment of your weekend!


  1. So true so true! There is always a Smith house in Bend. Why haven't we had a girls weekend there?

  2. I know how you're feeling! I get the same way about this time every single year. I'm ready for the clouds to lift and the temp to rise. My walls start closing in on me! And then right when I just can't take it anymore, summer is here.
    The great part about living here is that the same thing happens at the end of summer. Just when I miss cuddling to stay warm, it starts cooling off just enough. Keep your head up because there's no way we would ever love the sunshine if we didn't have the rain.

  3. Hi! Thanks so much for the sweet comment & for sharing my rant with your sister.

    This is why I love blogging, because of the kind of friendships you can make with kind folks who you have things in common with.

    I am looking forward to following! Your family is adorable and I want to move to Oregon one day I don't know why but I love it!