March 31, 2011

chapter 3{in closing}

i can't believe it's the end of the month.
where did march go???
this one is growing like crazy
and spying on me, just like i do to him when i try to get his picture.
we had parent/teacher conferences
and the ever uneventful spring break.
mr. e had the big 8 
and baseball practice started
{first game is in 1 more week!}
 little bear is thriving in his therapy.
we nurtured our garden starts which are sprouting like crazy
and we're starting to get sunshine!
all in all, chapter 3 was pretty good to us.
nothing to out of the ordinary,
 yet completely extraordinary!
happy thursday,
last day of march,
end of chapter 3!

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  1. I'm completly stealing the easter egg garland idea! LOVE IT.