March 29, 2011


no new happenings this weekend.
it was our last weekend of freedom
before E starts baseball and N starts soccer.
now we have a game of each...every weekend...until june.
{this is the only way my baby will take naps now...on my bed..and not very often}
the boys were on spring break last week.
between bouts of rain {lots of rain} we would run outside and play
on the play structure.
daddy is in the middle of an "upgrade" with it {pics to follow}
soon it will become a "boys only" club house.

daddy took friday off and drove us to medford for little bear's therapy
then he took us to lunch...
where this one ate a 6 inch meatball sub...
not even a teenager yet.
{heaven help our pocketbook}
saturday we were woken up at 3:30 by E,
who obviously had a serious ear infection {totally random might i add}
but if you asked him...the side of his face was for sure going to explode.
motrin only worked for a little while.
hot water bottle helped slightly.
warm shower "just barely" as he yelled.
it was painful {for him....and for us}
i took him to urgent care at 9 in the morning
where he continued to scream {can we say dramatic}
and the nurse came rushing in with some mega strength ibuprofen
within 2 minutes he was knocked out...right there on the exam table.
it was heaven!
double ear infections...antibiotics...and the super mega strength childrens ibuprofen
and the rest of our saturday was pretty quiet. {it rained....again}
it consisted of a lot of dirt bike play and watching the speed channel.
the ibuprofen did wonders. he was a completely different kid.
asking if he could go outside {in the rain no less}
we were so glad he was feeling much better.
this is the new look on monkey's face these days.
seems he thinks this house is his. he is the boss. he wears the pants.
and still in the running for the "mother of the year" award
 i have no issue putting him back into his sweet little place
as the third child in a house of boys...
that mommy so graciously runs. {you're welcome}
funny how the more kids you have, the less you hear of their tantrums
{am i right ladies}
so in the midst of screaming monkey.
pouting E who wanted to go outside {still raining}
and little bear, who just decided to "check out" for the day
hubby and i didn't let any of it get to us.  he thinned out our sproutlets.
while i enjoyed some much needed music {rejuvenates my soul}
a delicious glass of wine...and some puzzle time
this is how we're trying to keep our corn from falling over.
so creative hubby is.
the boys were exhausted from all their ranting and raving
so we made them dinner super early, they showered, grabbed their snuggle blankets
and headed to our room for a "brother's only special movie night"
{trust me, adding a fancy name to "i don't want to see your cute little faces for the rest of the night" really works}

hubby and i created this and O.M.G. it was A-MAZING!
crab and brie home-made mac-n-cheese.
it wasn't low fat
it wasn't gluten free
the calorie count was through the roof
but we made it together.
we left our guilt at the door.
we feasted our little hearts out.
and now i don't have to eat for another week.
{try it, i double-dog dare you!}
then it stopped raining and we tried to sneek outside for a little alone time.
but guess who found us.
{its like they can smell when we aren't in the house}
like our attempt at a photo shoot? see what happens when you are delirious from little to no sleep, screaming kids all day, rain for over a week,
and in a "crab and brie mac-n-cheese" coma
it was fun while it lasted
{all of about 4 minutes}
sunday marked the official end of spring break.
we did homework we forgot we had.
and read our chapter book we forgot we needed to finish.
it stopped raining for literally 30 minutes and we threw the kids outside to run off some energy before dinner. they needed it. heck, they deserved it.
not a shabby weekend if i do say so myself.
see this new disc swing the kids have.
it's $35 at home depot.
hubby's "do it yourself" price....$3.
2 plastic 5-gallon bucket lids - $0.98 each
a couple feet of rope at $0.61 a foot
a super creative hubby and voila
{i love that man}
back to the daily grind.
hubby to work
boys to school
E to baseball practice
and N has his first soccer game this saturday.
ahh..the spring season begins.

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