March 09, 2011

ribbons {a project}

okay, i'm just gonna put it out there...

recently i have become a little blog obsessed crazy
seriously, spending most of my day going from one blog to the next
it's a serious addiction.
where does it stop?
how do you drawn the line at adding thousands to your "favorites" list?
honestly, every time i read a new one
i end up adding her to my "morning paper" list.
(you ladies are a-mazing!)

however, i did make good use of my new found "stalking"
and have been getting some great craft/decorating ideas
from all you lovely ladies in blogland.
i would give anything for a craft room like some of you out there
for now, i have to resort to my kitchen counter/table/floor...
it starts as chaos, puts my little bear into a tailspin
because his life needs order at.all.times.
i have to work quickly, explain everything in detail to him
and clean as i go.
needless to say, i don't do very many crafts just for me
they have to be "little bear friendly" crafts.
in fact,
the boys have no school for the next 2 days so i have them
busy making football themed crafts for peanut's
birthday sleepover on saturday.
i have some amazing vintage frames just sitting in my closet.
and more ribbon than i know what to do with.
i have seen this project on many different blogs.
some with ribbon. some with chicken wire.
all absolutely stunning!
i figured it couldn't be too difficult.
i have some crafting experience.
most of my ribbon is red and brown
so i figured it would be perfect in my "romantic" room.
 there it is, hanging on my giant wall.
hubby loved it.
he always gets a little lot nervous when i call with...
"i was crafty today, just wait till you get home!"
i have a couple other frame ideas for these 2 giant walls.
paint is drying in the garage as.we.speak.
(i promise, no chalk paint this time)
easy peasy
i couldn't be more proud of myself!
(greatful pat on the back)

thanks amazing blog ladies, for being so inspiring
and making your projects easy enough
for wee-crafters such as myself!

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  1. That looks great shaunna! and i had to laugh, because i was just thinking this morning that i have become completely addicted to "blog-hopping". Just in the last week i have probably added about 50 blogs to my fave's list. They are so inspiring... i just can't help myself!