January 09, 2011

blogging to a theme

continuing on the path of inspiration..my girlfriend Elizabeth (found here) was recently inspired by a speaker she heard at her local MOPS group. the speaker talked about living in the moment. capturing the small details of life that we so often take for granted. she is inviting anyone (and everyone) to join in on what she calls "blogging to a theme"

our first assignment is
"color in a dreary winter month."

this is my interpretation.

january is always such a hard month for everyone. the holiday's are over. it's cold and in my case very foggy and cloudy for most of the month. we live in sort of a bowl that gets blanketed with fog that lasts for days.
(it gets very depressing.)

we were going on about day 5 of fog and clouds when all of a sudden the sun broke through. hubby, monkey, and i ran outside. pulled out our pretty blue lawnchairs. and settled in to do some much needed basking.

monkey ran around playing with trucks and soccer balls while we sat and rejuvinated our souls in the warm sunshine. mother nature gave us 4 beautiful hours of it. in the middle of one of the most depressing months of the year.

it was perfect.

i loved the way monkey's trucks and coat looked against the green grass. it's not the most colorful picture. but it was pure bliss to me!

note: if you have a theme idea feel free to drop elizabeth or i a line and let us know. we are always open to new ideas.

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  1. I love that it's Jackson in the picture but I'm also loving that it's the yellow jacket. That jacket makes me so happy. I just think of the kiddos that have suggled up wearing yellow (E, N, I, L, J)....so cute!