January 14, 2011

diary of a friday

i have been a very busy bee. 
this dynamic duo is exactly what i needed to kick start my friday.
i had some ideas up my sleeve....
what started as inspiration from some of my fellow blog ladies
(and a can of chalkboard paint from hubby for christmas)
has now turned into a full. blown. obsession.
(seriously, intervention needed and accepted)
while this one followed me around (such a sweet helper)
and this one rocked a killer soundtrack.
i know every mother wants to say that her kid is the best.
but honestly, this one can rock like no other on these drums. (seriously)
i was recently reading one of my newest blog crushes (found here) and saw in her pictures how adorable the top of her fridge was.
so ta-da. now i feel like mine is just as cute!
p.s. isn't genn a-dorable!
"cook with passion" above the stove (as if there was any other way to cook)
a small reminder on my side of the bed to have "sweet dreams" and a little romance with some pictures of paris (cut out from an old calendar)
tell me you're not all in l.o.v.e. with that blanket. my sweet momma made it for me (just because) and it screams "snuggle me" every time i walk by it.
i have no idea how i get out of bed sometimes.
and all whilst looking like this! i gussied up for hubby, and he decided to take the office out to lunch today. figures. (however this look will not go wasted!)

i will be enjoying some of this a little later.
in my adorable "domestic diva" glass courtesy of my sweet momma for christmas. (l.o.v.e. it!)

i have a couple more chalk obsessions (er...i mean crafts) to show you.
but they weren't quite dry yet for writing on.

how did your friday turn out?

happy weekend!


  1. SISTER put the chalk paint down and nobody will get hurt! (Well, you might but I am willing to make that sacrifice.) BTW, you totally need a new camera......just saying!

  2. Hi there! thanks so much for the comment on my blog about financial meetings! I am really enjoying what everyone else has to say about how they do things! It is so great that you guys are both on the same page with things!

    I have that same big red coffee mug! I love it!
    The bigger the better (that generally applies to most things I think.) ;)

    Great to meet ya! Love your header picture. Beautiful house.

  3. I gotta get me some chalkboard paint! The whole world is having a chalkboard paint party and I am missing out. Cute projects!
    And a big high five from another mom of three boys.
    Boys rock.