January 24, 2011

boy oh boy

i have boys.

three of them.

four if you count hubby (and i do).

boys that pose like this when i want a sweet picture.
and make faces at me like this.
and are missing their teeth
and always have some sort of bruise or cut on their faces.
boys that play with millions of matchbox cars, transformers, and army men.

boys who watch movies about mighty machines and superheros.

boys who no matter how many times i say it in a day, still play football in my livingroom.

boys who make me dread their teenage years because of how much they currently eat.
boys who hide in dark corners and scare me all the time,
but still have to sleep with a nightlight.

boys who have holes in their jeans and mud on their shoes.

boys who have forced me to buy a nerf gun of my own for self defense.

boys who smell like stinky boys and leave handprints on everything!
boys who have a "special snuggle blanket" when it's quiet time.

boys who have sweet little faces when their tired.
boys who take care of eachother.

boys who are brothers because they have to,
but friends because they want to.

boys who are exactly like their daddy (and he's my favorite!)

boys who make me feel like the queen.
my protectors and my biggest fans.
my everything.

i have three boys.

and i wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Aw, crud. I almost made it through a day without crying. And then. I just had to read this blog. Very good writing, Mrs. Allen, very good indeed.

  2. Look at you and those little men. Beautiful family. Your comment today just blessed my heart. That is the whole reason I wanted to share what I was learning. Thanks for making me feel like it's worth it:)

  3. i so totally get it.
    3 boys.
    i'm there with ya.
    we can strt cliiping coupons on nasty hungry man dinners together and make really obnoxious "mommy loves you" signs for their games, whadya say?