January 19, 2011

what i wore wednesday

good wednesday morning!
i'm linking up with lindsey from
the pleated poppy, for what she likes to call
"what i wore wednesday."

the idea behind this is to get you out of your "sweat pant/pony tail" same-ol-same-ol and fancy it up a bit. such a great idea!

unfortunately, this will be my first, and probably last time that i participate in wiww, because in doing this little project i came to realize a few key items.


1. thankfully i am part of a carpool with my neighbor.  unfortunately, that means i only have to truly leave the house and venture into public 3 times a week to get the kids. not to mention, if it's not pouring rain
or freezing cold i try and walk down to the school to get some exercise in
 (who wants to sweat in a really nice looking outfit)
also, i don't do any grocery shopping anymore during the week. as part of getting our finances in order, hubby and i don't do any shopping without eachother. (we feel it keeps us on the same page about things)

all kidding aside, this is what i look like almost on a regular basis
(it's sad and pathetic, i am truly ashamed)
sweat pants: old navy
sweat shirt: old navy
tank top: old navy...which brings me to my number 2

2. i do a lot of shopping at old navy. i mean a lot.
(again, ashamed of myself) 
shirt: old navy
tank: old navy
jeans: anchor blue
slippers: gift from my mother-in-law many years ago (love)

this necklace is my fave, i wear it pretty much ever day.  it's a combination of an engagement ring charm i got after hubby proposed, a sparkley horseshoe for good luck, and a heart hubby got me the day before little bear went into surgery. love!

remember this from friday? i felt like i was rockin it!
which brings me to...

3. i don't have a floor length mirror in my house...anywhere!
seriously, what woman doesn't have a floor length mirror in her home? i immediately brought this to hubby's attention and he promised he would fix that issue for me.
done. and. done.
 pink shirt: old navy
white tank: body c
jeans: something from macy's (but not old navy so i'm pumped!)
jewelry: cookie lee

saturday we didn't go anywhere, but i still wanted to feel cute.
this horrible picture brings me to my...

4. i have a horribly cheap camera. again, brought this to hubby's attention, but he wasn't as receptive about fixing the issue as he was with a simple mirror. he simply smiled and reminded me that we were still in what we like to call "financial lockdown" and that a new camera (at least the one i want) was way down on the list of "what we will be getting when we have all this junk paid off."
(sad face, but he's right)

sweat shirt: old navy (okay, it's starting to hurt to say)
white shirt...you guessed it.
jeans: gap (but you can't see them because i don't have a full length mirror!)

i looked super cute yesterday taking little bear to therapy, but didn't get a chance to snap a picture as we were in a hurry. (bummer)

joining in on this project was fun and hopefully i can pull myself together and do it again. hubby was pleasantly pleased with me looking more like the wife he married, rather than the overly exhausted, hungry, mess of a mommy he leaves when he goes to work in the mornings. 
maybe i can actually figure out how to use my point and shoot better and my pictures won't look so
"wow shaunna, thanks for sharing,

fingers crossed!

p.s. don't forget to pop over to linsey's blog and link up!


  1. first off, you're too cute. secondly, oh my goodness i have all of these same thoughts!! hahaaha. i see everyone else's wiww blogs and realize i have a poop camera. i need a GOOD, BIG one. i do NOT have a full-length mirror, which is WHY?? so i get dressed always throwing my leg up in the air to see if my shoes go?? i'm a lame-o, get a freakin mirror already, right? hahaha.
    oh and i am TRYING to get dressed more often. it's hard some days, but i AM trying hehe!


  2. Sister you are beautiful, sweats and all. Here is a slight suggestion for your camera....LIGHTING! The lighting in your bathroom is not good for vibrant pictures (trust me it is a little dark and cozy in there). Try going outside, open shade and overcast is the best for great pictures. Have Em take a picture for you (you can always crop it and straighten because we all know boys aren't the best picture takers). If the lighting is good you can fix the rest. No need for a mirror either, two birds one fix! :) Or even a well lit place in the house, the living room when the sun is facing just right.

    I'm not an expert but lighting and vibrant pictures is something I am trying to focus on right now.

    Oh, and I don't have a full length mirror either and the place where I will be puttin gon (my closet) is not a well lit place when it comes to pictures. UGH!


  3. Love the outfits!!! I too am loving Old Navy and have way too much stuff from there PLUS my camera is soooo cheap compared to what others have. I agree about the lighting though, I've found that even with my cheapo camera if I have good natural light the pic turns out fabulous.
    Have a great week!!

  4. Three things:
    You look great even in sweats. So stop that stinkin' thinkin', Shiz-aunna.
    If you get a full length mirror, can you paint a stripe of chalkboard paint along the side or add on a pice of wood that is painted so you can write nice things about yourself? Like how lovely your hair is? Or how slender you are? Or how you make Old Navy clothes look fun and nice to buy?
    Last, taking your picture in front of your closet door makes you look even thinner. And you are so thin already. Hmmmm. Now I am jealous. :)

  5. I spelled "piece" incorrectly in my first post. I hate that. :(

  6. I love your outfits! even the comfy ones!