January 24, 2011

a means to an end

the lid is sealed on tight (i promise)
i have officially retired my chalkpaint (for the time being anyways)
but not before i finished with these 2 little projects.

before, we had a big blue bowl that held our apples. it was beautiful, but just not the right fit for my kitchen.

ta-da...helloooo new apple bucket! (too cute!)

 (gasping) yes i did it. i painted the pantry door and i don't feel the least bit guilty about it. 

this door had a frosted glass in it with "pantry" etched in the center and a picture of wheat, flour, bread, fruit underneath it.  it was beautiful, don't get me wrong. 

however, with 3 small boys it was always dirty. fingerprints all over the glass, smudges of greasy little hands, it was a mess and very hard to keep clean.

also, the door frame isn't as big as it should be so i always felt like the glass wasn't getting the true "ahh" moment it deserved.

long story short, it's been bugging me since we got it.  we were going to have it replaced, but that ended up not making it very high on our budget list.

que the chalkpaint!

now i feel like it's perfect.
exactly how it was meant to be for my little family of mischief.
the boys love it.
it's functional.
it's fun.
and lets be honest, who doesn't love to write in chalk?
okay, i'm officially chalked out for a bit (until further notice).

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