January 06, 2011

what's your word?


to inhale and exhale; naturally and freely; to be alive; live.

my new years resolution is to simply be in the moment that is this life hubby and i created. i want to breathe in every season. laugh so hard it hurts. feel each tear in my soul. let go of the negative. enjoy each person in my life for their special gifts. make new friends. be open to new ideas. do something that challenges me. conquer a fear. be inspired. take time to rest. savor every flavor. relax and let go of things i cannot control. i want to take time to enjoy life through my boys eyes. see how happy the little things make them. i want to document as much as possible, so when our boys decide to fly the coop, we can be reminded of how great we raised them and what amazing men they turned out to be. i want to stress less and enjoy more. take some time for myself. feel comfortable in my own skin. spend more time with hubby. work hard and play harder. celebrate everything in standard Allen Family Fashion (we're great celebrators). say yes when i want to and no when i need to. and embrace every lesson learned.

I am going to enjoy each and every opportunity that 2011 is presenting to me. at the end of this year i am going to rejoice in all we have accomplished together. i am going to raise a glass and exclaim "2011 was the best year yet!" and truly mean it. i'm setting my standards high and accepting nothing less than pure bliss from this year.

can i do it? (sure, why not)

will i fail? (probably in some areas)

will i let my failure consume me? (hells-to-the no!)

Hubby always reminds me, "Honey, these are the best years of our lives."

and just between you and me....

I think he's right.

So what is your word?

side note: i have added a couple new tabs to the top of the blog.  a "365 project" that a fellow blogger has challenged her followers to. and a new tab to try and document all of hubby's projects, because to be honest, after 11 years together i still can't creatively explain what a civil/structural engineer does. enjoy!

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  1. I can't help but completely agree with your resolution(s) for 2011. It's as though you took the words straight from my thoughts. I too feel that this year is going to be one of the greatest and want to try only to enjoy each moment of it with my hubby and my amazing boys. I scrolled down and read your entry on your "middle child". Shaunna, the tears were filling my eyes. I can't even imagine. Bless you all and your little fighter. We had a scare with Lane when he was just over 1 year. He got hit so hard with the rottavirus that it put him in the hospital...Twice! Seeing your child like that...hooked to machines and such, is not a sight a mother handles very easily. I'm so happy to see that Nolan has grown into quite the young boy...and "can't" certainly is not in these boys vocabulary:)